Earth Enhance Organization

Earth Enhance Organization

4 0 Nonprofit Organization

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L.129, Thirunagar, Tirunelveli, India - 627007

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About Earth Enhance Organization in L.129, Thirunagar, Tirunelveli

For the first time in India a Charitable Trust is formulated for the purpose of creating awareness about the opportunities of growth among the society accompanying with counseling, consulting, coaching and co operating with the beneficiary. This is going to act as a Purpose Trust serving for individuals and groups enhancing their personal and professional life.

We are a “Table for Two” booked permanently and available always for one Expert and one Expectant. All we want from them is to exchange information between them. We are happy if the exchange is beneficial to both of them. Society was relying on its change and development once and now it has explored in all its ways. Now it’s time for social exchange of expertise and enhancement.

Generally when two people meet, the one will Advice and the other will here. But this always ends up with the saying, “The worst vice is Advice”. This would have happened between family members, neighbors, school/collage mates, travel buddies, collogues and friends. Still everyone tends to advice and hear it too. This tendency is the base behind Social Networking, Communities, clubs, Forums, Blogs, Discussions and so all the Organizations relay on this for their establishment and development.

All are Experts in their areas of Expertise, but an Expectant in other areas. Expertise is recognized by different ways, based on the qualification, designation and experience accounting the knowledge gained, skill developed and the professional perfection respectively. But the ability to Advice is neither recognized nor certified in a proper form. Since this form of information exchange is happening most of the time between wrong combinations of persons at unfavorable moments.

Earth Enhance organization had come forward to recognize your ability to advice, certify your expertise and provide a platform with the right person to hear you by making your best wise as Advice. Ensuring exchange of useful information in an organized way by expanding its reach beyond internetworks where we are having most of the isolated expectants of our society.

All are members of e2o as everyone is experts and expectants. Public volunteering is the strength of our trust as “information exchange” is its main purpose. Contributing back to our society is our principle always. Most of the communities are still unaware of the opportunities of their growth in different sectors due to social isolation. India is so strong because of its Human Capital. Let’s team up under e2o and grow together.

The philanthropic intention behind this purpose trust is to bridge experts and expectant. Citizens of our country whose traits seem to be supporting our Settlor’s intent may volunteer our activities. The tendency of the volunteers towards serving the society could be clubbed under one roof by name ‘e2o’, The Earth Enhance Organization.

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