NairYouth ServiceSociety OFFICIAL

NairYouth ServiceSociety OFFICIAL

1296 29 Youth Organization

9447085959,9400618076 [email protected]

, Thiruvalla (Tiruvalla), India - 689582

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About NairYouth ServiceSociety OFFICIAL in , Thiruvalla (Tiruvalla)

നായർ യൂത്ത് സർവീസ് സൊസൈറ്റി
PRESIDENT : Dr Arun Manohar

Nair Youth Service Society forethought a number of youth-Led networks and programmes - including the Nair Youth Leadership Programmes, Engagement Contracts, Premarital counseling , National Scrutiny Group , Local Nair Youth Councils and Nair Youth State Committees - which encourage Nair young people to get involved in democracy and campaign to bring about change.

To Relentlessly Pursue New Opportunities For Nair Youth Community

To Uphold The Guiding Principles Of Trust,Transparency And Integrity In all aspects of Life.

To Encourage Innovative Ideas And Talents Of Nair Youth.

Effective Decision Making and Open Communication.

We strive to make thoughtful, timely decisions, involving the right people and sharing the results of decisions in a timely manner. We can agree to disagree, step aside, and support the decision. We seek to learn from our mistakes and are not afraid to make them.

Unite young people globally to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the nair youth service society

To foster the spiritual growth,human values and leadership quality of each young person.

To provide catalytic leadership, breakthrough knowledge, and innovative resources to advance the health of children, youth, families, and communities.

Significant community and societal change to ensure the equitable spread of Developmental Assets
Develop Youth talent, wisdom, and expertise to create thriving communities.

Appreciate diversity; and cultivate positive relationships within Nair Youth Community

We seek to do what is right and treat others with honesty, respect, and dignity. We make clear when we know something and when we believe something—and communicate both.

Quality: We promote equality among Nair Youth; all young people in our member organisations are valued equally.

Diversity: Young people are diverse with different needs and opinions and this is to be recognised and celebrated by N.Y.S.S.

Recognition: Young people are Awarded for the positive contributions they make to society.

We published free resources on each topic to help Youth
specially Nair Youths get involved, and continued our Online Network.

Our training programmes empower young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to bring about change on a local, national and international level.

We also recognise young people who have made a significant contribution to their community, and promote good practice, through our high-profile award schemes.

All young people have the right to participate in the decisions which affect their lives and issues which they believe in locally, nationally and internationally.

N.Y.S.S seeks to represent the views of young people and decision makers at a local, national and international level.

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