Mithra Students Charity

Mithra Students Charity

871 10 Nonprofit Organization


Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Thiruvalla (Tiruvalla), India - 689101

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About Mithra Students Charity in Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Thiruvalla (Tiruvalla)

Every day, students donate 1 RUPEE. This money is collected and given to poor patients in financial need.

Needy patients are recommended by medical students, doctors, or other staff of the hospital. After receiving the request, members of the Mithra Enquiry Council, comprised of medical students and doctors, go to speak with the patient, and assess his/her financial situation.

The patient details are forwarded to the Mithra Decision-Making Council, which is also comprised of medical students and doctors. The Decision Making Council will further investigate the patient's need, and decide how much money to give.

The patient's need can be assessed through documentation and recommendations. Documentation includes: income certificates, or proof of BPL status. Recommendations can be given by: the Treating Doctor, staff members or management of our hospital, or people in the community who know the patient personally (e.g. parish priests, business personnel, police officers, government employees and office bearers).

The students of Pushpagiri Medical College decided to launch this charitable project, because of the realization that every day, we spend so much money, for food, celebrations, gifts, shopping, etc. But if each of the students makes the small sacrifice of 1 RUPEE a day, then together we can provide tremendous help to many poor patients.

These patients live in poverty. Some days they do not eat because they do not have the money to afford a single meal. When they become sick, they fear to see a doctor or go to the hospital, because they cannot even imagine how to pay a hospital bill amounting to several thousand or several lakh rupees.

We the students of Pushpagiri Medical College, with the full support of our faculty, staff, and management, have chosen to step forward, and make a small daily sacrifice to help the sick. Our vision is that our campaign should not remained confined within the walls of Pushpagiri Hospital, but should spread throughout all the professional colleges of Kerala. Together, we can make a difference, and bring a smile to the face of those who cannot find any reason to smile.


One of the major aims of the Mithra Charitable Society is to maintain transparency. We are committed to being accountable for every rupee collected by our organization.

The foundation of transparency is record keeping. Our society maintains records of student donations, third party donations, expenses, and amount of money given to each of our patient beneficiaries. Every receipt is kept on file, as proof of our expenditures.

From these records, a monthly report is compiled each month, with details of amount of funds raised, amount donated to patients, number of patients who received aid, and other expenses. This report is displayed publicly on our college notice board, for the attention of all students, faculty, and staff.

Mithra strives to continuously update our benefactors about our activities through a Whatsapp group. We continuously post details as we identify needy patients, decide how much financial aid to give, raise funds, plan activities, and publish monthly reports. In this way, our benefactors remain informed about how we are using their money, which we firmly believe is the hallmark of transparency. As our benefactors see their money being put to good use, they will be encouraged to keep donating, for the sake of helping the sick and the poor.

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