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About Karma Guru Sumant Kaul in E263 GK 2, Delhi

Master Sumant Kaul is a dynamic mentor gifted with the penultimate power and blessing of Shiva- Supreme Pure Consciousness. His passionate and spirited approach to teach ACTUAL KARMA YOGA enthralls students all across the globe. Awarded in the field of ‘Karma Yoga’ by India’s Leading newspaper, his vision and mission to spread this message has put the world in a grand metamorphosis.
The famous quote, ‘’ Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those he serves’’ is what defines his spirit.’’
His unmatched dedication and child-like innocence is what touches the hearts of people.
Anyone who taps into his vortex enjoys the divine protection and power.
With the divine grace, miracle and mysticism of Shiva- the Supreme Pure Consciousness, Master Kaul has been able to support and heal health, wealth and emotional traumas of thousands trapped in the gigantic labyrinth of Karma through the 60,000-year-old technique of Science of Karma Yoga based on Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and actual Karma Yoga. He is also a member of National Guild of Hypnotists,USA.
Based on scientific fact that our consciousness exists and vibrates at multiple dimensions, he has developed the healing technique along with co-founder Master Sumeet Kaul to heal memories by releasing specific karmic oaths, vows, emotions stored in different memories through Karmic life and soul regression.

Master Sumeet Kaul is by far the best Healer this world has seen. His track record is exceptional and can dazzle anyone who has had the privilege of seeing the work he has done. He has healed patients from life threatening diseases like cancer, depression, high blood pressure, smoke cessation, OCD, anxiety neurosis, schizophrenia, traumas, hypothyroidism, abuse issues, vitamin deficiencies etc.

He has studied every predominant healing modality in the world and has decoded the ancient Shiva meditations. Through his extensive research, innovations and continuous evolvement of techniques, he has come up with solutions that people cannot fathom! It would be safe to say that these techniques haven’t been witnessed or experienced for centuries! He is truly gifted.

Sumeet Kaul revered as ‘Professor Kaul’ by Harvard Business School is by far the best trainer this world has seen. He is the Managing Director of one of the top Engineering Companies of India.
Billionaires and aspiring billionaires regularly seek to take his advice and overcoming for money issues and curing wealth blocks. He has been instrumental in changing lives by leaps and bounds.
With the knowledge of different healing modalities and directly trained by the founder of NLP- John Grinder, he precisely understands human mind and psychology. He has helped many students and their families to recognize and achieve academic excellence along with harmonious relationships He has documented his research about the scientific aspects and proof about the Faith Healing processes and QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. He is also a member of American Board of NLP. He teaches in NLP the success secrets to his students and how they too can become resourceful by following
on the pattern retaining their own individuality. He has traveled far and wide to spread the wonders of this science to New York, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Jersey, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Lebanon, Amman, Budapest, Zagreb, London, Tokyo and Manila.

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